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The game is interesting, but what does "interesting" mean you ask. Well let's avoid that question and give you some usefull feedback on the game:

  • It's good that missing deducts points. I played another game in this jam were you needed to press space to fill beer glasses, but it didn't matter if you forgot one or filled when there was no glass.
  • The number three bubbles are a great addition; needing to quickly hit them twice by moving between the strings is a nice challenge.
  • The keys/locks and guns are unrelated to the setting, resulting in them feeling a bit weird. However, you probably wanted to add more challenge to the game.
  • The art can definitely be improved, but that's not a big deal.
  • The larger issue is that there is no goal/failure state. It doesn't seem to matter how high or low my score gets, nothing happens.
  • Another problem is that sometimes there are way too many bubbles. So there isn't enough time to hit all of them.
  • Perhaps the music can change based on whether you hit or miss or based on the score increase in the previous x seconds.

Very... interesting.


Really hard but really fun, too.

Glad you enjoyed!